Secret Wool Society

If you’re a returning reader, you may have noticed a few little changes around the site. First thing, the name. Originally I started this blog as a place to write about gardening. But as the first year went on, I realized that I wanted to share other things too. Cooking, baking, crafting, knitting, home projects, dumpster dive finds, and so on. So after a bit of thought, I figured it was time to retire the Carrots & Raspberries name.

So why couldn’t I make a year-round garden blog work? Truthfully, I live in Alberta, Canada where winter exists for basically 8 months of the year. Sure, I do indoor gardening, but how many times does one want to see the same cactus? I still love gardening and I will still share my garden during the seasonally appropriate times, but an exclusive gardening blog didn’t work for me.

So what is this site going to look like in the future? Well, hopefully I’ll post more than once in a blue moon. And when I do post, I want to ensure my posts are thoughtful and enjoyable to read. So expect to see a lot of the same things you have seen in the past – food adventures, decorating, knitting, weaving, sewing, cats, and of course gardening!

So why Secret Wool Society? Well, it is the business that I started this past year and I honestly love it. I love the name and the vision and I want to keep focusing on that. It makes sense to bring the business name and the blog together. I’m not saying that this blog will turn into all business posts – it won’t. It will continue to have a little bit thrown in, but only because I am giddy about the things that I make and I want to share them – not just because I want you to buy them. I’ve never viewed my blog as a business and I probably never will, it’s just not my jam.

So with all of that said, RIP Carrots & Raspberries! Secret Wool Society is the new sheriff in town.