July Long Weekend

Yesterday we went for a hike in near Canmore, Alberta and it was beautiful. Lots of lovely photo opportunities and native plants, but I am out of shape and didn’t want to hold my group back, so no photos were taken. The highlight was seeing two giant owls nesting in a little cave on the side of a mountain overlooking a pond. And of course the afterwards stops at the local brewery for beers and the local candy store for treats.


As for the rest of the weekend, the gardening chores begin today. Canada Day is on Tuesday, but I also took Monday off from work so I could enjoy a four-day weekend. What can I say, I’m a sucker for punishment. But I do love working in the garden. My aching back at the end of the day will tell you otherwise, but I love it.


IMG_3113Radishes almost ready to eat on June 29, 2014

Here are my somewhat ambitious plans for the weekend:

– Pick up a small load of gravel for my greenhouse floor (it is still currently just the dirt floor from last year so my shoes get muddy if water get on the floor.
– Begin the task of cleaning up Sod Mountain and building a new compost raised bed. I hope to share the results and process of this soon!
– Finish weeding the back yard (I did most of it last weekend, but there is a tight fitting area behind my trellis that I noticed has some quack grass coming in from my neighbor’s yard
– Weed the front gardens
– Clean the shed. You literally cannot walk inside of my shed.
– Wash all of the plastic seedling pots. You know how when you find out last minute that someone is coming over, so you shove all of the dirty laundry under the bed and all of the dirty dishes under the sink? Yeah, that’s kind of what I do with those plastic pots. I have a giant tub full of dirty ones sitting in the bottom of my greenhouse and I threw a bunch of dirty trays under my deck in a mad dash to make things appear clean. No one was coming over, I just didn’t feel like dealing with it.

I’ll also take some time to relax in the garden. Maybe try a new beverage recipe? What sort of projects do you hold off on until a long weekend?

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