I`m a window shopper, especially on the internet. I will scour my favorite shopping sites and put items in my basket and then not buy any of them. So I thought it might be fun to put together some covet posts where we can all pretend we live in an imaginary world where we have an unlimited disposable income. Most of the items are way too expensive for me to even dream about, but sometimes I get ideas from these expensive items and try to come up with creative ways to affordably reproduce them. Don`t worry, I will be featuring some of my favorite affordable gardening items later – this is just fantasy gardening (that sounds like it should be dirty, but I didn`t mean it that way).

11. Watering Wand – Rejuvenation $170 USD

2. Jardiniere Bench – Terrain $228.50 USD (on sale!)

3. Copper Insects – Anthropologie $40 each USD

4. Small Hanging Pot – tw workshop $60 USD


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