Five Minutes and It’s Gone!

You’d think it was a sharknado that had gone through my garden. I’d even waffled with photoshopping in a bunch of sharks, but then decided against it. I’m trying to make the damage somehow funny, but it isn’t really working. This is actually the result of a flash hail storm. In August. Sigh.

Hail Storm August 2015

It could have been worse. And truthfully, not everything was pummeled. Just mostly everything. I’m sure some things will bounce back, but I’m pretty sure I can kiss any squash or pumpkins goodbye, as well as my corn and some of the tomatoes. My precious tomatoes.

I guess it serves me right for getting all cocky and telling people “Oh we’ve been lucky this year, we’ve missed every hail storm and even the funnel clouds missed us!”.

I haven’t surveyed the damage at the community garden yet, but I did receive an email from a gardener there telling me to expect disappointment.

So I’ve decided the next garden project will be building a greenhouse dome over my entire yard.