IMG_3230Small radish harvest July 2, 2014

I planted my radishes a bit later than usual this year, at the beginning of June. They remind me of avocados: “Not ripe, not ripe, not ripe, I’M RIPE EAT ME NOW, too late”. With my radishes, I have to eat them as soon as they are ready, otherwise they are gross and woody.

This year I planted some Renee’s Pink Beauty radishes that I picked up at Hole’s when I was visiting my sister around the May long weekend. I knew that I had some old seed at home but I hadn’t had great luck with it the past couple of years, so it was time to bite the bullet and toss the old stuff. Does anyone else have feelings of guilt when you throw away seeds? I know it is for the best – old seed, although it might germinate with no problems, doesn’t always produce the best plants.

Radishes are extremely easy to grow and the time between planting and harvesting is only around 28 days. I also love to eat the fresh young radishes whole as well as slice them up to add to fresh garden salads.

Now that the radishes are finished, I’m planning on seeding that area with a lettuce mix. I also plan to sow another crop of radishes later in the season, around the end of August so I can have a little fall harvest.