My Favorite Harvest & Storage Products

For about a minute, I get excited about autumn. I’m tired of watering the garden, I’m out of canning energy, and I just want to be inside my house, under a pile of blankets, surrounded by cats, binge watching some BBC period drama on Netflix while knitting. The novelty wears off pretty quickly, but that is another story.

But before I can settle in for the winter, I need to focus my energy on harvesting the last of the bounty and storing it for winter. Last week I felt like I was finished with preserving but then I got a burst of energy and decided to do some canning. I pickled a pile of peppers and preserved a pot of pear & cranberry jam with cinnamon and black pepper. I’m feeling exhausted again but maybe I’ll have another burst later this week and I can deal with the last of the fresh herbs as well as oven roast a metric tonne of tomatoes for freezing. And with that, I’ve put together a little round-up of my favorite products or things that I would love to have – to make the transition just a little easier.



1. Opinel Garden Knife $17.00 – Mountain Equipment Co-op – I have this knife and I love it. Very sharp! And compact for easy keeping in your pocket or garden apron.

2. Orchard Rack $89.95 – Veseys – I don’t have this but I would love to have it for winter squash storage. I’ve already instructed my husband that when he perfects his carpentry skills, he will be building me something similar.

3. Garden Hod $75.00USD – Beekman 1802 – I also don’t have this, I just use a plastic ice cream bucket, but isn’t this so much prettier?

4. Cardboard Boxes – I use shallow cardboard boxes for storing my unripe tomatoes in the basement (keep any lids open or off). Various ripening methods work for other people, but this seems to work the best for me.

5. Herb Drying Rack $28.50 – Williams Sonoma – This has been on my covet list for like 4 years. I need to just buy it.

6. Le Parfait Jars $9.95-$18.95 – Crate & Barrel – I am obsessed with pretty storage jars so I already have a bunch of these in my pantry. They are perfect for storing your dried herbs.

7. Seed Envelopes $10.23 – Kaufmann Merchantile – You could just use regular kraft envelopes but why would you when these exist? I’m a sucker for beautiful typography.

If you live in Canada, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Do you have any big projects for the extended weekend?

Note: All of my product posts are my personal recommendations – I am not paid for these posts or associated with the products in any way besides personally loving or coveting them!


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