The Last of the Tomatoes

You might remember that we had an unexpected snow storm in early September which forced me to harvest all of my unripe tomatoes far earlier than I’d wanted. So we’ve been eating away at them for a few weeks as they ripened and I ended up giving away quite a few, but we still had lots left over. They’d all ripened indoors and were sitting in cardboard boxes in the corner of my dining room up until a couple of hours ago. Some were even starting to resemble prunes, so I decided I needed to do something with them now or run the risk of losing them. I’ve heard of people freezing cherry tomatoes whole, but I’ve never actually tried it. My go-to method is roasting them first. And it is so easy!

First, start by washing and drying the tomatoes and cutting them up – I had tomatoes of all sizes: the tiny ones were just stabbed with a knife, the regular cherry tomatoes were cut in half, and the smallish/medium sized tomatoes were quartered. Toss the cut up tomatoes with some olive oil, salt and pepper (you may choose to add some herbs as well, such as basil or oregano – or get really crazy and add some hot chili flakes), then lay them in a single layer on a baking sheet – I covered mine in foil and then parchment paper because I am too lazy to do dishes (let’s call a spade a spade here).


Next you’ll roast them in the oven at about 350 degrees for 45 minutes or so (until they look roasted enough to you – very scientific).


After they’re roasted to perfection, let them cool to room temperature and put them in to smaller freezer bags. In the winter, I add them to homemade pizza and add into soups in place of canned tomatoes (like beef barley and minestrone). Roasting them really brings out the flavor and preserves that little bit of summer to enjoy throughout the dark and cold months.

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