Etsy Gift Guide

I’ve written before about my love for Etsy (and I am also a seller myself). Etsy is my go-to place for affordable art, crafting supplies, and vintage wares, among other things. There are so many talented people that sell on Etsy and I love to support small business owners and artisans, so I thought I would put together some of my current favorite things on Etsy with lots of time to order and have items shipped for the holidays.


1. Squirrel brooch – Conieco $82.56 – This is just too adorable! I love those pesky squirrels (but also hate them for being so pesky!), but this embroidered brooch is just perfect and the detail is unbelievable!

2. Cicada brooch – Dear Winsome $20.90 – These insects creep me out a bit just because of an X-files episode involving similar looking insects, but I do love this brooch and would happily adorn it.

3. Fancy lady print – Yelena Bryksenkova $23.22 – I love all of her work, but I especially have my eye on this print – very Marie Antoinette!

4. Planty tea towel – Lead Duncan $30.19 – I am a huge fan of Leah Duncan and I own lots of her work, but my favorite are her linen tea towels because they last forever and it is nearly impossible to see stains on them so you’re not afraid to actually use them.

5. Little Kitty – Art By Susie H $18.22 – This little guy is just so cute!

6. Moth hair clip – The Faerie Market $179.96 – Maybe this clip is a bit out of my price range, but I still love it – such beautiful detail. And I have a big thing for entomology.

7. Rhino Mount – Weazilla $174.16 – I really love it when faux taxidermy is done right and I absolutely love this rhino! This shop has lots of other animals as well!

8. Bunny ring – Xuanqi Rabbit $15.09 – So cute and delicate – and very afforable!

9. Fox brooch – Adatine $23.22 – Another felted animal, but I love brooches and animals so this would be perfect for me!

10. Embroidered cat iPhone cover – FGM Store $40.64 – I guess there is a bit of a cat theme going on here! Isn’t this phone cover just to die for?!


1. Pug ornaments – Sophie Parker $23.69 – I think that pugs are some of the most adorable dogs ever – their faces, the way they walk, everything! These pugs in love ornaments are so cute!

2. Narwhal – Mount Royal Mint $78.95 – I’ve wanted one of these for quite awhile, they are just so lovely! I believe in the narwhal!

3. Pink clay gift set – Herbivore Botanicals $30.19 – These products look so lovely and the packaging is perfect!

4. Quilt – Gypsya $125.39 – I’ve wanted one of these quilts ever since I first saw them. And they come in king size, so I’m extra excited! The stitching is just beautiful on these.

5. Mushroom ornament – Willowynn $37.79 – As a complete mushroom nerd (I’m a member of my local mycological society!) I just adore these!

6. Tacos banner – Scout & Lilly $29.03 – All of my friends know that I LOOOOOVE tacos! The answer is always tacos.

7. Bumblebee locket – Verabel $37.15 – I love the vintage feel of this bee locket, plus bees + locket = wonderful!

8. White duck – Furzechan $55.73 – I would love to have this duck just lurking around a corner in my home, he looks so adorable (and a bit shifty).

As with all of my gift guides, the items are carefully selected by myself and all opinions are my own. I am not receiving compensation for any of these products – I just love them!

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