Gifts For Coffee & Tea Addicts

My house is divided when it comes to morning beverage of choice. My husband loves his coffee and I love my tea. Tea is a must for me and I drink it all day from the time I wake up until my evening cuppa. And I’m very particular about the tea I drink (I imagine most tea-enthusiasts are the same way) – I have a cupboard in my kitchen dedicated just to tea and tea accessories (I will admit there is actually some accessory spillage to other areas of the kitchen, it’s that out of control). So in honor of my fellow tea drinkers (and coffee drinkers), I put together a few gift ideas that are sure to win you some points this holiday season:


1. Hario drip pot $69.95 – Crate & Barrel – Even though I am a coffee hater, I would love to use this for tea and I really like the idea of a reusable filter for the finer teas like rooibos.

2. Cream & gold tea cup & saucer $24.00 – Anthropologie – I have a huge thing for vintage teacups & saucers (you know how I mentioned above that I have an entire cupboard dedicated to tea & tea accessories? Yeah, I have another for my vintage china, including tons of teacups & saucers). Although this one is not vintage, it reminds me of some in my collection. Perfect for afternoon tea!

3. Brass tea strainer $15.00 – Purl Soho – I have one of these and it is so beautiful. The brass also gets a really nice patina on it after awhile making it age beautifully.

4. Sencha green tea $19.00 – Bellocq – I’m a huge green tea snob and I’ve only found a few that I really, really love. Bellocq sells one of them and my other favorite is Smith Teamaker from Portland.

5. Japanese porcelain mug $35.42 – Kaufmann Merchantile – I love the simplicity of this mug and I can totally picture myself in a wool blanket cocoon by a wood burning fire drinking hot tea from this mug.

6. Theo chocolate holiday pack $20.00 – Duchess Bakeshop – Dark chocolate is such a pleasure of mine and this holiday themed pack looks to die for!

Now I really want to go drink a pot of tea in/on/around a pile of blankets and/or cats.

As with all of my gift guides, the items are carefully selected by myself and all opinions are my own. I am not receiving compensation for any of these products – I just love them!

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