Fabric De-Stash

As I get older and acquire more things for my various hobbies and whatnot, I am becoming more aware of the clutter. I hate clutter, but it seems like lately I am having a more and more difficult time of controlling it and that is causing me some stress. I’d love to live a minimalist lifestyle, but that just isn’t me – I love making and cooking and books, and all of the things that go along with them, but I would like to pare it back a bit. Look at me complaining about living a life surrounded by material possessions and a roof over my head.

Anyway, I figured the best course of action to organizing and making the load a little lighter was starting with the obvious suspects – the paper pileup, clothes that I don’t wear or that no longer fit, old gross and barely held together shoes (they were well loved!), and so on. But then it came to my studio/office/crafting room. I have a lot of fabric that seems to be waiting for that special project. It was purchased with no actual projects in mind, just that I liked it. And some of it has been sitting in plastic containers in waiting for years. So sad. So I’ve decided to send it on its merry way, to someone that will make good use of it (if you’re interested in any of it, please click this link to my Etsy shop).

Heather Ross Gnomes Fabric Japanese Linen Fabric

I think the hardest fabric to part with is the gnome print – it’s so darn cute! But it would be perfect for a little girl’s dress or a little boy’s bow tie!

I am going to continue the Big Purge and hopefully soon I’ll be able to close the closets in my studio!

Amy Butler Home Decor Fabric

Thanks for hanging on for this post! I don’t normally like to use my blog as a sales mechanism, but all the proceeds from my de-stash sale will go towards making beautiful things to share with you on this blog!

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