Garden Update

It has been a long time since I’ve written about my garden. The last time was over a month ago, when I wrote about the hail storm that pretty much wiped out my entire garden. I was pretty depressed for a few weeks afterwards, avoiding the garden and even avoiding looking out my window – I’d thought things were finished for the year. But in a surprising turn of events, the resilient little trooper made quite the comeback!

Thank goodness! I don’t want to say I’d given up on gardening forever, but I’d pretty much given up for this year. So to my surprise, when those shredded zucchini plants started sprouting new leaves, and then flowering, and then producing food, I was ecstatic!

Some things did actually get damaged beyond hope – like a lot of my potted tomato plants. But the indeterminate tomatoes that were growing in my raised bed actually came through a lot better than I ever expected! In fact, I even harvested my first Blue Beauty this past week!

Blue Beauty Tomato

And I somehow narrowly missed every single frost warning in the last week. So my plan is actually to go out and harvest the bulk of the tomatoes this week, before they actually do get murdered by the Winter Man. I’ll also make my way over to the community garden to clean it up, and harvest all of the remaining zucchini in the front and back yard.


My zinnias are absolutely stunning this year! A few holes and bruises from the hail, but I can deal with that!

Other than that, I’m feeling much better about winding down in the garden now. It seems too early to be time, but after this next weekend is over (I am so excited about the Commonwealth Collector’s Club pop-up market!), I am going to dedicate quite a bit more time to putting the garden to sleep for the winter.

2014 Tomatoes Part Two

As you might remember, a few weeks ago I harvested almost all of my tomatoes and brought them inside due to a summer snow storm in the forecast – the tomatoes that remained outside were in pots that were moved to my unheated greenhouse, where they were just fine. And although the bulk of the tomatoes I brought indoors were green, they have been steadily ripening inside of cardboard boxes in my dining room. Today I wanted to share some of the medium sized tomatoes which are the most colorful of them all and let you know my thoughts on growing and eating them: Taxi, Green Zebra and Indigo Rose.


Clockwise from top – Taxi, Indigo Rose, Green Zebra



This was my second time growing this determine variety. I originally purchased the seeds because I was looking for a non-cherry yellow determine tomato. I’m going to be honest and say that this tomato was a bit of a flop this year – it only produced one tomato. One. The plant itself also did not do very well – the foliage was unhealthy looking for most of the year. I have no real explanation for this except that perhaps I did not provide it with enough fertilizer throughout the growing season – or it just wasn’t impressed with the location I placed it (although this is not a strong argument as I had other tomatoes growing in the same location that did exceptionally well). As for the taste, that is definitely something worth mentioning: it isn’t anything very exciting. If you like a mild tomato with a very delicate flavor, little-to-no acidity, and a mushy texture, then this is the tomato for you (and maybe that is yellow tomatoes in general). I have to admit that I like a bit more punch with my homegrown tomatoes, although this one balances out strong flavors if I’m making fresh salsa with a few different varieties of tomatoes thrown in together. So would I grow it again? Probably not. Putting aside the fact that I only got one tomato from my plant, it just isn’t a very exciting tomato and I would rather use the space to grow a tomato that wasn’t this boring. Sorry Taxi.


Green Zebra

Green Zebra is one of my favorite indeterminate varieties ever. I’ve grown it for about 4 years now and it has never failed me, always producing a ton of medium sized tomatoes on very healthy plants. The tomatoes ripen to a yellow/green color and you know they’re ready to eat when the skin has a little give when squeezed. My partner and I have differing opinions when it comes to the taste of this one – he found it too tart and acidity, but I thought it had just the right amount of tartness with a bit of sweetness. And I love the texture of this one. This tomato is going to remain on my “must grow” list.


Indigo Rose

This was my first time successfully growing this indeterminate variety (I’d attempted last year, but squirrels). I purchased it because who wouldn’t want to try growing a blue tomato? I would describe the coloring as a dark purple (almost black in places) with dark red blushing – extremely beautiful. They were also very easy to grow, produced many tomatoes, and the plants remained very healthy all year – the ideal tomato plant in my opinion. The other thing to point out is that although they are an indeterminate variety, they are quite compact plants – not as compact as a determinate, but somewhere in between an indeterminate and determinate variety, which worked very well in my small space garden. I was skeptical that such a pretty tomato would have a forgettable taste but the taste is wonderful. They are very sweet with low acidity and have somewhat of a plum flavor and texture. Indigo Rose is absolutely in my top 3 tomatoes this year.

I’d love to hear about the tomatoes that you grew this year and I’d also love to hear any of your suggestions for a yellow variety.

Indigo Rose and Green Zebra seeds purchased from Urban Harvest, Taxi purchase from West Coast Seeds.