Garden Update

It has been a long time since I’ve written about my garden. The last time was over a month ago, when I wrote about the hail storm that pretty much wiped out my entire garden. I was pretty depressed for a few weeks afterwards, avoiding the garden and even avoiding looking out my window – I’d thought things were finished for the year. But in a surprising turn of events, the resilient little trooper made quite the comeback!

Thank goodness! I don’t want to say I’d given up on gardening forever, but I’d pretty much given up for this year. So to my surprise, when those shredded zucchini plants started sprouting new leaves, and then flowering, and then producing food, I was ecstatic!

Some things did actually get damaged beyond hope – like a lot of my potted tomato plants. But the indeterminate tomatoes that were growing in my raised bed actually came through a lot better than I ever expected! In fact, I even harvested my first Blue Beauty this past week!

Blue Beauty Tomato

And I somehow narrowly missed every single frost warning in the last week. So my plan is actually to go out and harvest the bulk of the tomatoes this week, before they actually do get murdered by the Winter Man. I’ll also make my way over to the community garden to clean it up, and harvest all of the remaining zucchini in the front and back yard.


My zinnias are absolutely stunning this year! A few holes and bruises from the hail, but I can deal with that!

Other than that, I’m feeling much better about winding down in the garden now. It seems too early to be time, but after this next weekend is over (I am so excited about the Commonwealth Collector’s Club pop-up market!), I am going to dedicate quite a bit more time to putting the garden to sleep for the winter.

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