Gifts for Crafters, Knitters & DIYers

I think that everyone has one friend who is always adorning one of their own handmade creations or constantly saying “I could make that!” in public. The handmade revolution is taking over like crazy and I love it – there are thousands of blogs dedicated to DIY crafting, knitting, sewing, carpentry, cooking, and anything you can think of. Sometimes those things can get to be a bit much. Sometimes I get really great ideas and other times I’m left thinking “So how much is this going to end up costing me?”. So I decided to put together a few of my favorite easy DIY kits and supplies for those special crafters & DIYers in your life and since I am a knitter myself, I made a special all knitting gift guide below!


1. Merchant & Mills Sewing Kit $75.00, Purl Soho – I love the simple and beautiful designs of Merchant & Mills and having this little kit on hand would be so handy.

2. Mushroom Farm $19.95, Back To The Roots – I’ve been wanting one of these for quite awhile so I can grow my own oyster mushrooms at home. Apparently these kits are multiple use as well!

3. Mead Making Kit $59.95, Williams Sonoma – I’m not a huge fan of homemade wine because I don’t exactly live in a climate that is able to grow grapes but I think mead would be very good because you could use local honey. Mmmm mead.

4. MT washi tape $19.09, The Lovely Desk – I’m not sure if the washi tape craze is over yet or not but I still love this product because of its versatity and also because it comes in so many colors and patterns.

5. Constellation embroidery set $21.00, Purl Soho – This looks like such a simple and beautiful project that could easily be done in an afternoon – which is sometimes my favorite type of project!

6. Liberty of London fabric bundle $55.00, Purl Soho – Liberty fabrics are some of my absolute favorite because of their beautiful patterns but also because the fabric itself feels amazing – so light and soft. I made a pillow cover out of one of their fabrics, as well as used one of their prints in a quilt I made and they are by far my favorite handmade items. The fabrics themselves are pretty pricey for yardage but a bundle makes a bit more sense for small projects – I think any sewer & lover of Liberty would love to receive something like this.

7. San Fransisco Sourdough Starter Kit $29.95, Williams Sonoma – Sourdough bread is a big guilty pleasure of mine and although I do not indulge in it often, when I do I want to make sure it is the best sourdough possible. This would be a welcome addition to any beginner bread baker!

8. Needle felting animal kit $21.92, Maker Magpie – I’ve had my eye on these kits at my local yarn store for a number of months but just haven’t taken the plunge to buy one yet. They look fairly simple and come with all of the tools and supplies required to make an adorable little animal.

And now for all of those special knitters!


1. Clover Measuring Tape $7.40 – Purl Soho – I own a few of these and they are my favorite because they are attractive and also good quality. For some reason, tape measures are a hot commodity around my house and go missing often, so having an inventory of multiple devices is essential – can anyone else relate to this?

2. Ebony Crochet Hooks $23.10 – Lantern Moon. I love a good quality, beautiful crochet hook for a provisional cast-on (which I just recently learned and am in love with). Also, ebony is one of the hardest woods in the world which makes these hooks virtually indestructible.

3. Pom Pom Quarterly Subscription $30GBP – One of my favorite quarterly publications – it includes great patterns for things you would actually make. I’m sure most knitters can relate: I’ve got a backlog of things I would like to make – most of those things are from issues of Pom Pom because their projects are so great. Digital subscriptions are also available!

4. Woodland Cabin Yarn Sampler $37.69USD – Knit Picks – I’ve made a few projects with this line of yarn and I really like the quality for price, plus the color selection is unbelievable. Knit Picks also has lots of free patterns, so you could pick out a project that you would like your knitter to make for you and include it in with the yarn as a subtle hint.

5. Needle Gauge Ruler $10.00 – Church Mouse Yarns – I’ve been on the lookout for a non-plastic gauge ruler ever since I started knitting so I think I am going to need this one for myself.

6. Stork Scissors $19.99 – Joann – I have a pair of these and they are my favorite for knitting, embroidery and cross-stitch – the narrow ends make it really easy to get in to small spaces, plus they are very sharp. Mine didn’t come with a pretty case like this pair does, so I think I’m going to have to make myself one.

7. Indigo Dye Kit $13.99 – Knit Picks – I’ve been wanting to experiment with yarn dying for several months now and I’ve been considering taking a class, but this kit looks so easy that I would try it on my own. Also, my husband and I are obsessed with indigo dyed anything, so this would be a welcome gift in our household.

8. Leather & Brass Stitch Markers Set $28.00 – Fringe Supply Co. – I have plastic stitch markers, and I’m sure most knitters have the same thing, but I would love this set because they are so adorable!

If you’re an ambitious gift giver, I put together a post of some homemade gift ideas here.

As with all of my gift guides, the items are carefully selected by myself and all opinions are my own. I am not receiving compensation for any of these products – I just love them!