Herd of Cats Aprons at Branch Market & Studio

Wow, what a whirlwind of excitement around here lately! Secret Wool Society has its first pop-up market coming up, and Herd of Cats aprons are about to make their first appearance in a real live storefront!

Herd of Cats has been pretty low-key lately as I’ve been focusing all of my energy on weaving, which is why I was surprised (and very flattered) when Branch contacted me asking if I would be interested in being a featured artist in their new market and studio. Um, yes please!

Branch is a brand new market and studio located in the small quaint community of Black Diamond, Alberta (just a short drive outside the city of Calgary), featuring unique handmade goods from local artisans, as well as a space to teach creative classes. I am so excited to have my aprons featured in such a lovely and unique space. If you’re local, I highly suggest making the trip out to visit Jodie and Rebecca, they have created a truly wonderful space.


And in case you’re wondering, I do have an Etsy shop update in the works for Herd of Cats, so even if you are not able to visit Branch in person, you can browse my aprons via the internet!

P.S. I will be back with a garden update soon! Things were looking pretty bleak after the hail storm, but luckily a lot bounced back and I’m looking at a half decent harvest. More details soon, I promise!

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